New outfit post and contest wearing Monki & MCM
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Anonymous asked:
Halloween is coming and I don't want to end up with a messed-up make up at 6am because I would have been dancing all night... Any advice to make sure that white make-up and fake blood won't end up looking like dirt?

Use a base to make the makeup stay, you know like a primer you would apply on your eyes or lips, maybe you can find the same for the makeup face? :)

And for fake blood I don’t know because mine when it dries it looks even more real and like a wound so i don’t mind but i guess you could bring a bit with you in a tiny bottle and when it becomes to look like dirt you go in a bathroom and touch it up a bit ? :) 

Hope i can help :)

New beauty post : MAC Cosmetics x Kelly Osbourne
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Pizza Mutant Ninja Burger. Tomatello. Michelangelorigan. Léolardo. Mozzarello. Schreddar. Appril Peppero’neil. Bebœuf & Rocksteady. Sauce samouraï. Salade égoutée. Cowabunga le burger des ninja!

Charlie Barker. 

By Hotlikewow.

mcm backpack red <33

💕‼️ #PINKMONTH pink bob #POB by @scarlettvalentine 💕💥✨‼️

love letters 

Cover photo by Martin Schoeller.